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Property owners cannot be held liable for every person injured on their property. Determining liability in a slip and fall accident can be an intense and challenging process. Every year, thousands of individuals are seriously injured as they slip and fall on a dangerous surface or trip over an object. Oftentimes, the owner of the premises on which the accident took place is partially or fully at fault. If you have suffered injuries in a slip and fall incident, you can secure the legal representation of my Ellicott City slip and fall law firm. As your Maryland personal injury attorney, I offer the benefit of more than 30 years of experience to help prove your case and obtain compensation for you. Taking a hands-on approach, I will personally review every aspect of your case to increase your chances of receiving the settlement, or a verdict if need.

Have You Been Injured in a Slip and Fall?

Slip and fall accidents can occur when a property owner does not heed their responsibility to maintain and care for the premises. It must be proven that the owner of the premises was aware of and failed to fix or clean up? a dangerous situation? on that location. Property owners cannot be held responsible for slip and falls that an ordinary individual should be expected to avoid, but my Ellicott City slip and fall law firm can help determine whether they breached their duty of care. If you suffered injury in a slip and fall accident that was the result of the property owner’s negligence, I can help you pursue compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages.

Three Things You Must Prove to Win a Slip and Fall Case.

To win a slip and fall case you have the burden of proving: 1) liability – you need to prove that the person who caused your injuries was in some way negligent towards you and breached their duty of care, 2) negligence – you need to prove that the other party failed to act reasonably and /or prudently to prevent the injury, and 3) you need to prove that your injuries are related to the other parties’ negligence. Additionally, in Maryland, you need to prove that you did nothing to contribute in anyway to your injuries. If the Court or the jury finds that you contributed even 1% to your injuries, you will be denied all compensation.

Slip and fall cases can contain complicated? legal issues and you are well served having an experienced Ellicott City slip and fall attorney assist you.

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