Who Is At Fault When There Is A Multi Car Pile Up?

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You could be involved in a multi-car accident at any time, and you need to know what recourse you have. There are many people who walk away from multi-vehicle accidents with injuries, a totaled car, and even a permanent disability. You should look at the ways that you are able to be compensated for these accidents, who will pay, who will be held liable, who is at fault, and you should contact an accident attorney to work out the details just to be sure that you can recover from these accidents, get back to your life, and ensure that you have money to handle your finances.

What Is A Multi-Car Accident?

A multi-car accident is an accident that involves more than two vehicles. When you are in an accident that involves just two cars, it is typically easy for the police to determine who was at fault. When you have more than two cars in an accident, it is harder for you to determine who will pay, who is liable, and which insurance company will be liable for payment. There are a few scenarios listed below that you can use as examples, and it will be much easier for you to understand what to do when you are recovering from the accident.

Three-Car Accidents

A three-car accident should have a police report written, and you might discover that more than one vehicle was driving illegally or performing an illegal maneuver on the road. The person who is initially liable is the person that the police have determined caused the accident. However, a secondary driver in the accident might have made the accident even worse. Because of this, you might name more than one person in a lawsuit. This is not always the case because two of you might have a claim against the third driver.

The only way to be certain of the police officers conclusions is to get the police report, ask your auto accident lawyer to check, and remember that you can collect for your injuries and damages if you are noted as not at-fault in the police report.

Four-Car Accidents

Four-car accidents get much more complicated because one person might have caused the whole accident. If this is the case, that person is going to pay for the totality of the accident. If the police find that more than one person is liable in the accident, all those drivers will pay on some level. The driver who did the most damage in the accident will pay the most. The drivers who were secondary participants in the accident will pay a little less. If you have hired a lawyer, they will tell you the level of blame that lies with each driver.

Additionally, multi-car accidents are more likely to exceed the total available insurance coverage. An accident attorney can assist you in obtaining additional coverage for your injuries through uninsured or underinsured coverage

If you have been named in someone’s lawsuit, you will need to prove that you did not play a part in the accident. The court will allow the plaintiff to assign blame to many people, but it might be proven that you were caught in the crossfire.

Multi-Car Accidents With Commercial Vehicles

A multi-car accident with a commercial vehicle gets much easier because you know that a large corporation owns that vehicle. Most commercial vehicles have GPS and even cameras to monitor their drivers. Because of this, you can get concrete proof of what the commercial driver did to cause the accident. The driver of the commercial could be proven to at-fault for the accident, or it might be proven that they made the accident worse than it already was. You are suing the driver but will have access to the coverage the company provides.  You may also be suing the company that operates the vehicle.

You can only sue the driver of a commercial vehicle if they have proven to be negligent. The commercial carrier pays when their vehicle is not maintained properly, the driver was not trained properly, or the driver was not taken off the road if they were proven to be unfit to drive the vehicle.

Multi-Car Accidents With Construction Crew’s Involved

When a construction crew is involved in your accident, the construction crew must be investigated because they often have trucks, dump trucks, delivery vehicles, and equipment that are close to the road. It might be proven that the operator of a crane caused the car accident, and that is the person that pays. If you feel you were forced to cause an accident, you need to make that case in open court. The construction crew is not exempt from blame because they have a responsibility to manage all their equipment in a safe manner.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Lawyer?

You need to hire a lawyer because you cannot prove who was liable with a simple police report and your account of the car accident. A lawyer is tasked with figuring out who actually caused the accident. You might have been accused of causing the accident, and a lawyer can show that you did not.


You should ask your accident lawyer what they would do in your situation, and they will interview witnesses, check out the other drivers, and investigate anything that does not seem to be right. The person who caused the accident pays and anyone who might have made the car accident worse can also be sued for damages.